Writing Internships

Our intensive writing internship programmes are perfect for students or graduates looking for the opportunity to put pen to paper and script out the first step of their writing career with their own portfolio of work, which they can start creating at LeadGeneratorsDigital.

In Brief

If you are a journalism, creative writing or literature student, or a prolific blogger or short story enthusiast, we can teach you how to hone your writing skills for commercial purposes.

What You Can Do and Learn

You will write, and write, and then write some more. We can take your raw talent for words and teach you how to apply it to a commercial environment. You will learn how to adapt your writing to use different voices, how to communicate a brand identity across multiple platforms, and how to make use of your creativity in a work environment.

Writing tasks will include:

  • Writing for SEO
  • Press Releases
  • Corporate Blogging
  • Social Media Content
  • Onsite Content
  • Topics Research

Other Benefits

You will be invited to attend the meetings, seminars and general training sessions on digital marketing that we run for our wider client base.

Who Can Qualify

You need to have demonstrable, high-quality writing skills and a passion for learning how to turn your creativity with the written word into a skill that will serve you in the workplace.

We will want to see examples of your work and we will ask you to participate in a couple of timed writing exercises.

If you have the commitment to follow this path and the organisational skills to support your journey, then we would love to talk to you further.


We recognise that interns need maximum flexibility in tailoring their commitment to suit their situation. Therefore, we are open to negotiating the timing and duration of your internship so it can suit your study schedule. If you want to discuss a part-time commitment or a holiday period of more intensive work, feel free to raise this with us.

Further Opportunities

Our interns benefit from a supportive environment and we are committed to helping them succeed. If you prove to be a valuable, skilled intern, you will be offered ongoing PAID work after the completion of the internship period. In addition, once you become part of our team of freelance writers and bloggers, you will be first in line for jobs with us.

If this internship is a challenge that you’d like to explore further, then please contact us with your CV and a letter of application at internships@leadgenerators.co.uk.