SEO Internship

You will learn all about how to organise, manage and distribute online content around the Internet, as well as how to help our clients get great results from a variety of SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing campaigns. You will also learn how to understand the metrics required for successful client reporting every month.



Our Course

Over the course of your internship you will learn the basic principles and philosophy of Online Marketing. Primarily, you will learn how a leading digital agency runs its campaigns to maximise results for its clients.

  • Link Development: You will work directly with our Search experts and will mostly assist them as you learn how to assess the quality and relevance of various websites as sources for links.
  • Content Writing: For those who have a flair for words, there are opportunities to acquire skills that will prove useful in corporate or travel writing across a variety of online platforms.
  • Content Research: You will learn to research images and ideas efficiently and effectively to support our SEO, Social Media and Content Programmes.
  • Content Distribution: You will discover how to distribute the content that we produce for our clients (articles, press releases, blog posts, social media posts, etc.) virally across the Internet.
  • Monthly Report Preparation: You will learn how we report to our clients and you will provide assistance in the research and collation process of the monthly reports.
  • General Administration: Ours is a small office where everyone has a chance to try out a wide variety of tasks. We will offer you the opportunity to get involved in a multitude of activities.

Our Requirements

No technical, online or marketing knowledge is required. You will be here to learn and we will teach you the skills that you need. The work is varied and the skill set is flexible, although knowledge of WordPress’ CMS and an aptitude for research are an advantage. You will need to be proficient with basic office software like Word and Excel.

What is, however, crucial to your success is that you are able to work in an organised, focused and accurate manner. A positive and proactive attitude towards your colleagues and your work, and a strong desire to learn will also help you make this internship a constructive, useful and rewarding venture for you.

While many of our interns are with us for approximately 3-6 months, we would consider applications for shorter periods.

Other Benefits

  • You are invited to participate in our monthly planning meetings, which will help you understand the strategic marketing process of an Online Marketing agency.
  • This will be a perfect opportunity for you to get to know the rest of the staff and to learn more about their specific jobs and how they do them.
  • If you have any web design or development skills, or are more technically minded (computers and hardware), there are always opportunities for you to assist in a range of other projects in the office.


We hope that this Online Marketing Internship Programme is of interest to you. Please, note that this is unpaid work experience designed to invest in teaching you how an Online Marketing Agency runs. We do, however, cover transport costs.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to apply for this position, please feel free to contact us via email at or call us at +44 20 33049811.