Our Management Team

Frank Orman

Marketing Director

Frank is one of the UK’s respected authorities on strategic online marketing and an expert in social media innovation. In addition to being the founder of LeadGeneratorsDigital, he is also a passionate educator and inspirational speaker on topics relating to the principles of Online Marketing, Search Marketing strategies and tactics, Site Conversion Strategies and Social Media concepts.

Over the past 15 years, he has created and managed successful online marketing campaigns and social media programmes for over 100 of the UK’s most established and recognised travel and national brands, and served as senior consultant and trainer for many business forums and associations in the UK.

With an astounding knack for demystifying the most complex online issues into simple English, Frank is known for his rich lexicon of metaphors to explain it all.

Dr. Laura Bolick

Head of Content Marketing

Laura comes from a distinguished academic background, having studied classical languages and history at Cambridge and earned her PHD in History of Art.

With these credentials, Laura has been perfectly placed to head up and lead her team of professional writers and editors to create superb content for our clients. Her brief covers a mix of content including Web Copy, Corporate Blogs, Travel Articles, Press Releases and the wide range of Social Media content that has been so pivotal to achieving the demanding marketing and communications objectives for our clients.

Just when you thought that you had had the best idea, you can always trust Laura to trump it and take it to new heights. And with her magical research skills, you just know that she will strike gold – again!

Vicky Scott

Head of Paid Search Marketing

Since the days of Overture when Paid Search Marketing was invented, Vicky has mastered and implemented the ever-evolving PPC landscape for our clients. Having set up and managed hundreds of successful campaigns involving budgets worth millions of pounds, Vicky has overseen successful Pay Per Click campaigns across multiple search engines around the globe for some of the biggest brands in the travel sector.

A Google Partner and Google Certified, she blends her theoretical training with the intuition that can only emerge from years of experience to provide some of the most cost-effective and profitable PPC campaign management strategies that you could implement for your business.

Julietta Henderson

Senior Editor & Head of Writing Team

With an extensive background in traditional publishing, Julietta’s strong production skills, together with her creativity and expertise in community development, have been instrumental in laying the foundations of the LeadGeneratorsDigital editorial and writing team since 2009.

Julietta is one of the few people who know how to use the word ‘myriad’ correctly, and she will meticulously position your apostrophes with 100% accuracy so that you can be sure that any copy that has passed through her hands in the name of your brand will elevate your company to that elite and diminishing group of those whose online publications are written in impeccable English.

Julietta’s wordsmithing encompasses her own writing career, including publications in magazines, newspapers, industry journals, and online content. She has also authored four travel photography books. Her passion for the written word and strong attention to detail make Julietta the perfect fit for her role at LeadGeneratorsDigital.

Josie Moore

Senior Writer & Editor

Starting her impressive career at the forefront of Content Marketing for so many of our clients, Josie sports an impressive academic background in English teaching for adults and graduated with a Masters from Liverpool University. With her keen interest in classical history, she soon found herself in tour leadership roles and then management positions for a number of leading brands including Headwater Holidays, Explore, Scott Dun and The Ski Company. She is also a published writer with her own column and reviews for several regional Food & Drink Guides.

This wealth of knowledge of and experience in the travel sector, together with her writing skills, give her the perfect credentials for being such a pivotal part of our editorial and writing team.

Nurit Lerner

Head of Graphics & Wordpress Development

Nurit represents a breath of fresh air when it comes to mastering professional web design and developing powerful WordPress websites, mobile apps, responsive sites and social content for our clients.

One of the few professionally and academically trained web specialists we have met over the past 15 years, Nurit boasts impressive credentials in Graphic Design from the University of Buenos Aires and further specialist training in Web Development and Infographics after her studies. One of her professional credentials that she is very proud of is that she was in charge of graphic development for the 2011 Presidential campaign in Argentina.

And the results of all this pedigree are simply impressive. Those of our clients who have benefitted from working with Nurit can vouch for the fact that not only is she razor sharp, but also that she works as fast as lightning.

And to top it all, unlike so many other designers and developers, Nurit is a “people person” who invests time to make sure that she gets to know and understand our clients and their requirements fully before starting any project.

And looking at her work, it shows!