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Why will Members find our Workshops Useful?

It is difficult in this day and age to run any kind of business without an effective website and online marketing strategy. Whether that website needs to be business-facing or customer-facing (or both!), it is an essential marketing tool that every business should endeavour to make the most of.

Our complementary training workshops, aimed at business owners and marketing managers, are designed to give a comprehensive introduction to online marketing in jargon-free language. We outline the key principles and philosophies of online marketing and how to use social media to achieve priority marketing objectives, covering important topics such as key word research, landing pages, SEO, social media concepts and more.

Why offer our Workshops to your Members?

Business advice for your members is a hugely important and extremely valuable service.  As an Association, by working together with us, you can now provide your members with this valuable training support at no cost to you or them.

We have worked with numerous Business and Trade Associations over the years, including the European Association of Machine Tool Manufacturers, the Institute of Travel and Tourism, the Association of Independent Tour Operators, Craft Central, and many more.

We do All the Work for You!

Our experience working with Associations has taught us how to run these sessions with as little hassle as possible for you.

  • Agree Date for Seminar:  We agree on a time, date and location – we are happy to come to your offices, or book a seminar space at one of our trusted venues
  • Prepare Invite List:  You decide who you want to invite – ideally a small group of approximately 10 delegates will enable us to devote enough time to each business on the day
  • Design and Create your email Invites: We provide the promotional material – we can send out the invitation letters branded with your own logos and tailored to suit your event, or we can provide you with the HTML email to send them out yourself.

Who Runs the Workshops?

Frank Orman, founder and director of LeadGeneratorsDigital, is an expert in online marketing and social media innovation, as well as a passionate educator. For the past eight years he has been running his highly successful online marketing training workshop programme, during which he has personally trained more than 700 businesses in the UK, empowering them to make more informed and profitable decisions for their website and their online strategy.


Find out more

For more information about how your Trade Association can benefit from our complementary training seminars and workshops please contact Frank Orman on 020 33049811 or by email  on

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