A Large-Scale Content Marketing Case Study

How our bespoke content programme of over 600 website landing pages, 60 blog posts, 24 newsletters, and a concentrated social media campaign for our global hotel client, Worldhotels, increased their social media followers from 10k to 100,000k in less than a year, drove more traffic to the website, converted more traffic into bookings, and increased sales by 64% after the launch of the new site.

The Client

Worldhotels represents a franchise of hotels in more than 250 iconic destinations and 65 countries worldwide. They are one of the world’s leading groups for independent hotels, promoting the unique nature of each of their member hotels, capturing the spirit of the destination it serves, while offering them the benefits of belonging to a large sales and marketing engine. They take a commission of the sales that they generate for their member hotels, supply advice and workshops, and offer branding options in some cases.

Over the years, Leadgenerators Digital has worked with Worldhotels to design, implement and manage a diverse and highly successful bespoke range of online marketing campaigns and programmes on their behalf. It included International SEO, Link Building, Travel Blogging programmes, Social Media campaigns, and more. We were also commissioned to write more than 600 focused, keyphrase-enriched landing pages for their new website.

The Challenge

Over several years working with Worldhotels, we were tasked with a comprehensive range of content marketing jobs in order to achieve the following objectives we identified along with the client:

  • Drive more traffic to the website
  • Convert more traffic into hotel bookings
  • Develop ongoing relationships and brand loyalty, improve repeat bookings
  • Expand brand exposure to a larger number of their target demographic of leisure and business travellers

With this client, more than ever, the fact that every piece of content in our corporate programmes is bespoke was vital. At Leadgenerators we never prescribe a ‘one size fits all’ approach to online marketing, because every client and product is different – as are their customers and potential customers. 

As always, we carried out a full audit and discovery session with Worldhotels, to determine their unique marketing goals and target markets so we could create the best strategy to serve them. The need to present every hotel in their portfolio as independent, as well as ensuring the programme would appeal to a wide range of demographics certainly presented us with a challenge – given those very wide parameters. 

Read on to see how we came up with a huge corporate content and social media programme for Worldhotels, that not only met that challenge, but exceeded all expectations by achieving multiple marketing objectives, increasing sales by 64%, and increasing their social media followers ten-fold in less than a year.

Content for a Mega Website

Taking on the mammoth job of writing more than 600 pages of copy for the new Worldhotels website didn’t phase us. At Leadgenerators we’ve had many years of experience working on large corporate content programmes – with each of them tailored to the client’s individual needs. We don’t just write content, we write quality content that works hard.   

In the case of Worldhotels, in conjunction with the client we identified two major objectives for the new landing pages.

  • Drive more traffic to the website
  • Convert more traffic into hotel bookings 

Fairly standard objectives, however, this is where the bespoke aspect of our programme comes in. Not every page had the same objective.

The 600 pages fell into three main categories:

  • Country pages
  • City Pages
  • Individual hotel pages

For each, we wrote unique, keyphrase-enriched copy that allows search engines to drive traffic to the website. It keeps visitors there by providing engaging information about the country (country page), then allows them to click through to a particular city (city page), then helps convert to sales (bookings) by delivering options for hotels (hotel pages).


This strategy was extremely successful for Worldhotels, because of the vast number of destinations and the independent nature of the hotels in their portfolio. It allowed us to engage potential customers with relevant information about the country (weather, geography, population, etc); interesting aspects about the city (history, events, culture, highlights); and highlight the unique and appealing properties of an individual hotel (facilities, location, decor, style) – which is their entire raison d’être.

World Cities Blog

The World Cities Blog was an exciting part of the programme we created for Worldhotels. Our marketing objectives for the blog were two-fold.

  • To create engaging content from both the client and concierges for intelligent readers.


Our aim was to position the client as a point of reference for the cultured, sophisticated and experienced traveller. By delivering relevant, up-to-date content, the brand was promoted as one with which the aspirational traveller would like to be associated, and would therefore offer the company his/her business.

  • To provide the client with an advertising platform for its partner hotels and to generate links that will help the company website rank in Google.

This second, but equally important, objective was facilitated by reaching out to some of the client’s partner hotels to implement an arrangement whereby they supplied us with an idea for a blog post in exchange for an advertisement for their hotel at the bottom of the post.

The Blog Posts

In general, we wrote keyphrase-enriched posts following themes that the hotels supplied for their city; so we knew they’d be relevant, factual and up-to-date. We asked the hotels to provide ideas that would appeal to locals, not represent the traditional tourist attractions in the city. While the quality of these themes varied, we were looking for off the beaten path places to visit or unusual events to attend that would appeal to the cultured, aspirational travellers who read the blog. 

Because the writing of the blog posts was done in-house by our highly experienced copywriters, we were able to ensure the quality of the images and content was high, and that every post served the marketing objectives we had identified.  

For example, in a post we wrote about Amsterdam, we chose to focus on the upcoming coronation of the King. By providing an account of the itinerary of the coronation day, along with some history of the royal family and local area, and keyphrase-enriching the post for the keyphrase Amsterdam hotels, we were able to drive relevant traffic to the page. By incorporating a call to action at the end of the blog, we were able to suggest the perfect hotel (from the Worldhotels’ portfolio) as a base to enjoy this historic event. 


In another post, we focused on the important “Between Orient and Occident” visiting exhibition of the Russian Treasures, which was coming to the city of Dresden. While the content of the blog post gave a fascinating account of the exhibition, which comprised more than 140 masterpieces from the Kremlin Museums, by keyphrase enriching it for the phrase ‘Dresden hotels’, we were able to direct engaged potential customers directly to a hotel from the Worldhotels portfolio. 

These are just two examples of more than 60 focused, themed blog posts Leadgenerators wrote for the blog programme.

Newsletter Campaigns

Another important component of our large corporate programme for Worldhotels was two years developing and managing the World Tour newsletter campaign.

The purpose of this campaign was to target the existing mailing list in order to generate repeat business. WH partner hotels were showcased in the newsletter related to their location.

How We Did It

The client aspires to attract well educated, relatively affluent and experienced travellers, who will be interested in reading material that piques their curiosity. 

To this end, we created the persona of Jason – an amalgamation of the ideal Worldhotels’ customer: “a traveller who is a tourist nowhere and at home everywhere”. 

Our writers created the intelligent, chatty voice of Jason. He ‘toured’ a different destination every month and wrote a newsletter updating subscribers about his journey. 

Through Jason’s newsletters, aspirational readers were able to learn first-hand facts and experiences about a wide range of destinations around the world. They also often offered “win a stay” competitions, while promoting member hotels in that city and providing a call to action link through to individual hotel pages. 

The newsletters also linked readers to the Worldhotels social media channels.

Social Media Content

Finally, we created a comprehensive social media strategy and programme that focused on multiple marketing objectives:

  • Engaging clients
  • Encouraging participation
  • Building brand exposure
  • Building brand loyalty

The Leadgenerators team has many years of experience creating in-depth, integrated content programmes, so our social media content was designed to complement and enhance the blogging and newsletter campaigns.  

Just one example of this cross-marketing was the City Secrets campaign we created, which was linked to the World Cities blog programme.

The City Secrets Incentive Campaign

The City Secrets Incentive Campaign had multiple aims: 

  • To generate more followers on the Worldhotels SM platforms
  • To create an additional source of inspiration for posts for the World Cities blog

We reached out to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest fans with an incentive to submit their ideas about unusual places to visit in the cities Worldhotels has hotels. 

By opening up a channel of interaction we were able to engage existing followers and attract new ones, and we were also able to use the information to create unique and appealing content for the blog. 

The City Secrets campaign was instrumental in the Worldhotels social media platforms increasing followers from 10k to over 100k in the space of a year.

The Results

Working with the renowned Worldhotels brand was a magnificent challenge for the Leadgenerators team, but one we met with enthusiasm, skill, and measurable success!

We created a comprehensive, integrated programme that included more than 600 individual, targeted website landing pages, 60 unique blog posts, 24 newsletters, several years’ of weekly social media posts, and 10 competitions/social media campaigns.

From this basis of bespoke, integrated content, we were able to achieve multiple marketing objectives that included:

  • Driving more traffic to the website
  • Converting more traffic into hotel bookings
  • Developing ongoing relationships, brand loyalty, improving repeat bookings
  • Expanding brand exposure to larger number of their target demographic of leisure and business travellers

The Bottom Line

For those who like to see the results in plain English:

  • Sales were up by 64% after the launch of the new site.
  • Social followers increased from 10K to over 100,000K in less than a year.

Pretty impressive, right? 

There’s no doubt our results achieved for Worldhotels speak for themselves. Leadgenerators’ high-volume corporate content programmes WORK, for one very good reason: our people are passionate, connected, highly-skilled and agile. We thrive on the challenge of discovering each and every client’s unique marketing objectives, then building strategies and programmes that help them achieve their goals.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you achieve measurable results with a corporate content programme, please get in touch. And, as for challenges? Just so you know – the Leadgenerators’ team motto is “the bigger the better!” Bring it on.