An Email Marketing Case Study

How we created a powerful 12 month email marketing programme based on the concept of ‘Jason's World Tour’ and augmented it with coherent graphic motifs and engaging copy concepts to inspire Worldhotels’ growing readership.

The Client

Worldhotels is an exclusive group of almost 500 independent luxury hotels in 65 countries across the world. As their online marketing partner for almost 5 years, our team at LeadGeneratorsDigital was responsible for redesigning and building their immensely successful new website, writing new copy for almost 1,000 website pages and running Search & Paid Advertising campaigns as well as a massive social media programme spanning multiple social platforms.

The Challenge

So, when it came to developing their email marketing strategy as part of their integrated marketing communications strategy, it was a natural choice for Worldhotels to come to us. They challenged us to develop a graphic and copy concept that would engage and inspire their growing customer base and readership numbers.

Worldhotels Email Marketing Case StudyEnter Jason’s World Tour

To communicate their core brand values, it was decided to develop the concept of a fictitious persona by the name of Jason, who was created to represent Worldhotels’ ideal customer profile. Jason was then sent on a 12 month World Tour, and every month he would visit another inspirational city and send his report and inspirations to his readers via his World Tour newsletter.

Engaging & Inspiring Content

To ensure that the newsletter consisted of high quality content that would engage and inspire our client’s readership to follow Jason over the 12 months of his World Tour, our commissioning editors and writing team began by carefully researching each of the designated destination cities to uncover authentic local experiences.

Then, by combining this content with spotlights of local partner hotels, we were able to produce a series of newsletters that not only caught the imagination of the readership and inspired long term brand loyalty, but also promoted the brand’s hotels and properties in each city.

Looking for Help with your Email Marketing?

If you are looking for a strong graphic and content concept for your own email marketing programme, contact us and see how we can help. We have an extensive portfolio of Email Marketing case studies to inspire you, and our experienced team of professionals will work closely together with you to ensure your campaign is based on the sole purpose of achieving your marketing objectives.