A Social Media Case Study

How our Social Media strategy succeeded to substantially invigorate the content and massively expand the social following of the global Worldhotels brand - from 10,000 to 100,000 followers in just 9 months.

The Client

Worldhotels is an exclusive group of almost 500 independent luxury hotels in 65 countries across the world. As their online marketing partner for almost 5 years, LeadGeneratorsDigital was responsible for redesigning and building their immensely successful new website, for writing the new sales copy for almost 1,000 pages of their site, for Search & Paid Advertising campaigns and for a massive social media programme spanning multiple social platforms.

The Challenge

As part of their drive to find and acquire new customers for their portfolio of luxury properties around the world, it was important for this global brand to increase its social media outreach extensively – not just in terms of numbers, but also across multiple languages so as to reflect the many markets that it does business with.

To this end, WorldHotels approached LeadGeneratorsDigital with a challenge: increasing their follower base from 10,000 to 50,000 followers within a 9 month period.

Little did they know how effective our work was going to be and that we were heading toward doubling their target!

The Multifaceted Campaign

As part of our success strategy, we always develop a basket of activities to maximise the chances of achieving our targets.

In the case of Worldhotels, we created a multifaceted programme comprising several content ideas, different social media platforms for cross-pollination and a variety of internal and external content promotion campaigns. These were all geared and calibrated to help build engagement with the brand, and the resultant viral spread to increase followers.

The Winner: The Competition

The most successful component of our programme was, by far, the series of 7 high-profile, visually stunning and compelling competitions that we created and promoted throughout the 9 month period.


An example of a Worldhotels competition challenge.

Innovative Concepts, Designs and Development

Each competition was completely different. Ranging from Photo Contests to Spot the Difference to Find the Hotel Key, they all culminated in a quiz set up as part of an interactive Advent Calendar.

wh - Germany - Calendar

Graphics for Worldhotels’ Advent Calendar competition.

From initial concept to graphic design, copy creation, app development and integration into Facebook and other social platforms, we conceived, produced and managed every aspect of each of the competitions.

As part of the total global outreach, we even created an identical Japanese version of each of the competitions by working directly with a Japanese translator of our copy.

The Outreach and Promotion

Naturally, in order to achieve this stellar growth, the promotion of our various content activities (and specifically of the competitions) needed to be ramped up fully. Therefore, we set up and managed a vast network of online advertising and promotional activities, including Facebook advertising, Google Adwords campaigns, online press boards, social media marketing and more.

Banner ad for Worldhotels' advent calendar competition.

Banner ad for Worldhotels’ advent calendar competition.

Results: Exceeding Expectations

You can only imagine how happy we were when, with a few months still to go, we saw that we had not only reached our target of 50,000 followers set by the Client, but that we had actually surpassed it by a considerable margin.

Moreover, we were ecstatic when we saw, at the of the 9 month period, that we had actually doubled the target and hit the 100,000-followers mark.

This impressive result showcases how, as with most things in business, an extremely focused and targeted effort can achieve superb results in such a short time.

Looking for a Profitable Social Media Content Concept?

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