Ramblers Worldwide Holidays

An SEO Case Study

How we achieved Position 1 in Google for Ramblers Worldwide Holidays for some of the most competitive and lucrative key phrases in the sector (boosting sales for their most profitable walking holidays) and kept them in Position 1 for 5 years!

The Client

Ramblers Worldwide Holidays is Britain’s longest-running walking holiday specialist. For over 65 years, the brand has provided award-winning walking and trekking holidays to destinations around the world – from the exotic rivers of China to the striking savannahs of Africa. With a current portfolio boasting over 250 tours in 70 countries, its itineraries are unrivalled in the industry. Its accolades include being partners with The Ramblers Association and the recent Wanderlust Travel Silver Award for Tour Operator, while its walks have been featured in the travel columns of The Guardian, The Times and other national newspapers.

One Client – Two SEO Challenges

The search term “walking holidays” has always been the most coveted and lucrative phrase for walking holiday tour operators around the world. And for this reason, competition for this phrase has always been fierce.

Ramblers Worldwide Holidays came to us with the challenge to provide them with a powerful SEO strategy that would oust some of the strongest competing brands from the top of Google and place Ramblers Worldwide Holidays in Position 1 of the search giant’s rankings.

Moreover, they not only needed to be at the top of Google, but they also needed to maintain that prime ranking position for the long term.

How We Got There

In order to achieve that marketing objective we needed to devise an advanced, two-fold SEO strategy that comprised a series of onsite optimisation tactics, coupled with an extremely diverse offsite Link Building programme.

Onsite Copy and Content

As a first step we deployed our professional SEO copywriters to create superb onsite content for the client’s site that first and foremost improved the salesmanship of the priority Landing Pages, but was also convincingly and effectively key phrase enriched, naturally enhancing the site’s SEO credentials.

To augment the onsite optimisation we also created a massive content programme for the client’s onsite Storytelling Blog, which was optimised to enhance the internal SEO content for the site and to build and boost the internal Link Sculpting for the domain as a whole.

External Link Building

The second part of our SEO programme was to create and write a huge range of informative and inspiring content pieces, which were published across a diverse variety of online platforms. This resulted in a carefully crafted mix of high quality inbound links and traffic opportunities.

The Results


We are proud to say that we not only managed to achieve the top prize in Google by getting our client into Position 1 for the coveted phrase “walking holidays”, but we also achieved Position 1 status for a large number of other very profitable and competitive phrases such as “walking in South Africa”, “Italy walking holidays”, “walking holidays in Greece”, “walking holidays in Canada”, “walking Holidays in Chile” and similar phrases for about 20 different destinations around the world.

Standing the Test of Time

Getting great rankings is important.
But keeping great rankings is more important.

When it comes to SEO, achieving a high ranking in Google is important, but the sign of a robust and sustainable programme is being able to maintain this high position for a long time.

This is why we are so proud of the huge efforts we make and the policies we have put in place to ensure that all our clients’ rankings are safe and future-proof.

We are also proud of the fact that in the past 15 years, despite all the Google Updates (including the recent Penguin and Panda Updates) our tried, tested and constantly evolving ethical SEO practises have kept all our clients safe, secure and at the top of Google.

In the case of our client Ramblers Worldwide Holidays, this meant keeping them in Position 1 in Google for the duration of our contract, which was over 5 years!

Looking for Future-Proof Rankings at the Top of Google?

We have an enviable track record when it comes to fighting (and winning!) our clients’ SEO battles for them. If you are looking for superb, safe and sustainable rankings for the most profitable key phrases in your industry sector, why not give us call.