A PPC Case Study

How we used our PPC service to help our client Naturetrek take maximum advantage of an immediate and rather profitable business opportunity presented by a BBC television documentary.

Why we Like this Case Study

This case study effectively highlights a key difference between Paid and Natural Search: although online marketing is generally a long-term proposition, there are various tools available which can act as a quick response mechanism – one of these being PPC. In the case of Naturetrek, LeadGeneratorsDigital capitalised on the flexibility of PPC to uncover a new business opportunity and optimise the client’s ROI.

The Client

Naturetrek is the UK’s leading wildlife tour specialist. They are a highly respected brand, offering the world’s largest selection of professionally organised, expert-led wildlife holidays and tours. Since they were established 25 years ago, they have nurtured a prestigious reputation in the travel industry and their brand has become a watermark for quality and excellence. Their holidays are competitively priced and ethical, while their friendly team comprises wildlife enthusiasts and dedicated travel professionals.

The Challenge

We subscribe wholeheartedly to the old business adage that says your best ideas come from your clients. And, here at LeadGeneratorsDigital, we pride ourselves on being in constant communication with them.

Because of the strong relationships that we have built, we are positioned to act swiftly and capitalise when a client – consciously or not – brings a great new business idea or avenue to the table.

In this case, the trigger for a new innovative marketing action came courtesy of a television documentary. We received a call from Naturetrek’s Managing Director, who notified us of an imminent BBC nature documentary which would be screened within the next few days. Entitled ‘The Land of the Lost Wolves’, this programme charted the progress of a pack of wolves returning to North America’s West Coast. Naturetrek, being specialists in wolf watching holidays, asked us if there was anything we could do immediately to take advantage of the surge of interest that this programme would generate.

Our answer: Absolutely!

The Strategy

The great thing about the relationship between online and offline marketing is understanding that while offline marketing generates awareness and interest, online marketing is perfect for harvesting this interest. In this case, the BBC documentary did all the hard work for us and our job was simply to capitalise on an increased demand.

However, in order to fully exploit this great opportunity, we needed to respond as quickly as possible, while the interest in wolves was at its peak. Therefore, to achieve immediate exposure online, the natural choice was to run a PPC campaign to drive this traffic to NatureTrek’s site immediately.

The Results

Our ‘quick response’ PPC campaign achieved excellent metrics in a short space of time. And, as well as achieving a high click-through-rate, these wolf key phrases, importantly, converted extremely well, which positively affected Naturetrek’s sales figures.

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