An Email Marketing Case Study

How we used graphic and copy motifs of bunnies and chicks in our ongoing e-shot programme to help InsureMore promote their travel insurance products in a more fun and engaging manner.

The Client

InsureMore is the UK consumer brand for the Journeys Travel portfolio of travel insurance products. It provides high quality cover at extremely low cost and has become an established brand in the UK over the past few years.

The Challenge

Most financial services suffer from an image of being dry and, as a result, it is very difficult to find a way of communicating to consumers in an appealing and engaging manner. This was the exact same problem faced by the InsureMore brand.

This is why they decided to approach us at LeadGeneratorsDigital. We created a series of fun and engaging e-newsletter concepts that would appeal to the emotions of their readership while promoting their travel cover products.

Making Travel Insurance Fun

InsureMore Easter

InsureMore’s Easter Email Newsletter

When it comes to pulling the “emotion” card in business and politics, we all know that babies and kittens are top of the league and seem guaranteed to get the attention of the reader.

However, in the case of InsureMore, we decided that while we saw commercial value to this approach, we wanted to find something that was less clichéd.

So as you can see from our graphic, we chose a chicken and a bunny to represent their Easter email marketing campaign. Together with our copywriting team, we created a series of conversations between the two, followed by a great travel insurance deal by InsureMore. To empower the sales message, we compared our client’s rates with those of competitors.

Working closely together with the client, we maintained consistent brand and sales messaging and would ensure good opening rates for the duration of the ongoing programme.

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