A Website Build Case Study

How we succeeded to improve conversion rates and sales metrics by more than double (from 3% to 7%) for InsureMore's travel insurance products when we redesigned and rebuilt their website.

The Client

InsureMore is the UK consumer brand for the Journeys Travel portfolio of travel insurance products. It provides high quality cover at extremely low cost and has become an established brand in the UK over the past few years.

The Challenge

While the demand for quality keeps rising in the UK’s travel insurance market, when it comes to the marketing of such a competitive product, price tends to be a crucial factor in the decision-making process.

Therefore, we felt that it was important to create a professional design for the Client’s new website that would communicate their two core USPs: high quality cover at very low prices.

As InsureMore had been with us for almost a decade, we were delighted that they once again approached us with the task of both figuring out this design challenge and building them a new professional website to help generate more quotes, as well as sales for their business.


Using Graphics to Communicate more Effective Salesmanship

Key to the success of this new website were lightning-fast navigation for the user and being able to find and book the right travel cover product speedily.

Thus, we based our solution on a series of highly relevant landing pages (one for each type of travel insurance) to guarantee that customers could find exactly what they were looking for as quickly as possible and be taken instantly to that product page – directly from their Google search.

Furthermore, the central pillar of the graphic salesmanship process on each of these landing pages was reduced to a super quick 3-step messaging to communicate the “What” (for example, family travel insurance), the “Why” (a price message; for example, from just 13p per day) and a huge call to action (Get a Quote Now).

Responsive Website for Mobile

As part of taking full advantage of the rise in mobile search to find and book travel insurance, it was very important for us to create a fully responsive version of the site to ensure maximum exposure for the brand across multiple internet devices.


Improving Conversion Rates

As conversion rates have become such an important success factor when competing in the tough online environment, it was important that we designed and built the site in a way that would considerably enhance the user experience and facilitate the process of finding and booking the right travel insurance products as quickly and as easily as possible.

To this end, we were careful to incorporate important customer-centric features, such as a simple and intuitive navigation strategy; a quick 3-step sales messaging; and a vastly reduced quote-and-book process.

In addition, we engaged our professional writing team and tasked them to create a fresh and compelling new copy concept for all the pages of the new site.

Build Considerations

As a crucial upgrade to the previous version of the website, it was very important to give the Client full control over their site and its content. It was also important to give the client full access to, and control of, their new blog.

Therefore, we decided to use WordPress for both the website and the blog. Over the years, WordPress has evolved massively in terms of functionality and features, and it is now the platform of choice both for many large businesses and for web developers.

In the case of the Client’s website, we were not only keen to take full advantage of the advanced functionality that WordPress currently offers, but also for the client to benefit from the easy-to-use CMS features.

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