A Content Marketing Case Study

How we used an integrated Content Marketing strategy to develop new market opportunities for InsureMore's travel insurance products, to improve the rankings of the customer-facing website and to augment repeat visits.

The Client

InsureMore is the UK consumer brand for the Journeys Travel portfolio of travel insurance products. It provides high quality cover at extremely low cost and has become an established brand in the UK over the past few years.

The Challenge

Travel insurance is a fiercely competitive industry, with expectations of quality and service constantly increasing while, at the same time, pressure is mounting to lower prices.

When it comes to search marketing, we find generating traffic from search engines via PPC and SEO to be an extremely expensive process. Thus, while search marketing still remained a very important part of our traffic generation programme for InsureMore, they approached us with a challenge: finding an additional way of generating relevant traffic to their site that would represent a new and profitable alternative route to market which would also generate quotes at a lower cost per acquisition.

Finding a Concept for a Content Marketing Solution

We have always placed our faith in keyword research as the best source for those Eureka moments – once again, it gave us what we were looking for. We discovered that a huge number of people search Google for travel competitions every month.

Inspired by this rich source of demand, we proposed a content programme to InsureMore that would capitalise on this market enthusiasm, as well as position InsureMore as a curator of travel competitions. The beauty of such an approach is that by helping people enter more travel competitions, whether they won or not, we were putting them in the right mindset to think about, and purchase, travel insurance.

The programme was based on amassing inspiring competitions so as to publish them on InsureMore’s priority landing pages on a monthly basis, accompanied by a short description, entry details and a link to the website hosting the competition.

To boost the exposure of these competitions across the web, we also created and published online articles and posts for their social media platforms, and ran paid search and advertising programmes (including Adwords, Facebook advertising and Twitter cards).

In order to help generate a wider subscription base, we offered readers the opportunity to subscribe to our email list so they could receive the latest travel competitions directly to their inbox. Naturally, alongside these emails we were able to juxtapose our advertising messages offering quality travel insurance products at extremely low costs.

As with all successful Content Marketing programmes, we were able to design and develop this travel competition concept in a way that gave our client sufficient written and image content to achieve a number of important marketing and sales objectives.

Marketing Objective 1: Increase Google Rankings to Generate New Site Traffic.

At LeadGeneratorsDigital we are always exploring the new frontiers of SEO, as well as pioneering ways to integrate strategies for improving ranking results with content marketing programmes. This offers our clients a cost-effective overall digital marketing solution for their business.

For InsureMore, we deployed the concept of competition curation as a means of not only expanding the number of pages of content on their site as a whole, but increasing the volume of content on each of their priority landing pages. This was accomplished by providing an introductory snippet of text for each competition on the relevant product landing pages of the site, followed by a fully key phrase enriched and optimised description of the competition on a separate, new page.

This ever-growing mass of on-page content was vital to positioning InsureMore’s site as an “authority domain” in Google’s eyes, which, according to the important Google Hummingbird Update and what we have seen time and again in our SEO programmes, get much better ranking results in Google and other search engines.

InsureMore Competitions

InsureMore Competitions

Marketing Objective 2: Increasing Returning Traffic

One of the challenges for the travel insurance industry is to retain a constant brand presence among potential consumers so that when they decide to travel they remember the Client’s brand and consider it for their purchase.

By publishing new competition posts on the Client’s site and by distributing and promoting these competitions both directly and indirectly, we were able to incentivise customers to return to the InsureMore website and interact with the brand on a frequent basis, even when they were not in the market for travel insurance.

Marketing Objective 3: Expanding their Customer Email List

Successful travel insurance businesses depend on a high volume of new leads and an ever expanding mailing list for the ongoing promotion of their products.

As mentioned above, by offering readers the opportunity to subscribe to the competition mailing list and to receive new competition updates directly to their inbox, we were able to provide our client with the tools to develop their mailing list on an ongoing basis with highly targeted and relevant email subscribers.

Competitions Sign Up

Competitions Sign Up

Looking for a Profitable Content Marketing Concept?

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