F&L Designer Guides

A Responsive Website Case Study

How our responsive website solutions helped F&L Designer Guides generate more traffic and boost exposure for top independent UK jewellery designers to mobile users looking to commission an engagement ring.

The Client

F&L Designer Guides is a unique community of some of the most creative designers of engagement rings in the UK. With joint marketing efforts, it aims to give Britain’s independent jewellery craftsmen the praise and exposure that they deserve.


Designed and built by LeadGeneratorsDigital

The Challenge

Like so many of our clients, the F&L jewellery designers needed to augment their exposure to the fast growing market of customers who were using their smart phones to search for engagement ring designers.

For this reason it was agreed that LeadGeneratorsDigital build a responsive version of the F&L Designer Guides site in order to boost traffic and business opportunities for each of the designers.

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Considerations for Responsive Websites

When it comes to responsive websites, our main focus is to deliver a consistent user experience for readers and potential customers across multiple platforms and devices.

By taking advantage of responsive technology we are also able to achieve some important objectives for our client:

Boost Exposure and Increase Site Traffic: To ensure that the Client is able to take advantage of, and get exposure to the growing market of mobile users who use their phones to search. This generates additional targeted traffic to their websites, resulting in more enquiries and sales.

Integrated Communications: To ensure consistent marketing communication by deploying the same content across all platforms.

Improved Rankings in Google: To take full advantage of the SEO opportunities that responsive provides to ensure improved rankings in both normal and mobile rankings in Google.

Cost Efficiencies: To reduce the Client’s website management costs by sharing the same CMS for content creation and editing.

Need a Profitable Responsive Solution for your Website?

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