An Online Copywriting Case Study

How our professional copywriting team helped increase web sales by 64% for the global Worldhotels brand by rewriting effective sales copy for over 1,000 pages of their new customer-facing website and corporate blog.

Why we like this Case Study

We like this case study as it highlights that our professional writing team is not only highly effective at creating superb copy and content concepts for our clients, but also at achieving enviable commercial results for them. Furthermore, it proves we have the management skills and organisational capabilities to power large scale corporate copywriting projects with the same high standards of delivery.

The Client

Worldhotels is one of the world’s leading groups for independent hotels, with a portfolio of over 500 hotels in 250 destinations and 65 countries worldwide. Representing 4-star and 5-star properties around the world, from chic boutique hotels in Budapest to major New York conference facilities, Worldhotels is a key player in the upper-end hotel booking industry. Its mission is to offer business and leisure travellers easy access to a wide range of accommodation options, placing a particular emphasis on hotels of character and distinction.

As their online marketing partner for almost 5 years, we at LeadGeneratorsDigital were responsible for redesigning and building their immensely successful new website, for Search & Paid Advertising campaigns and for a massive social media programme spanning multiple social platforms.

The Challenge

So when it came to another large scale project that needed a superb copy concept and a talented writing team, it made perfect sense for Worldhotels to approach us once again. They commissioned us with the task of copy writing over 1,000 pages for their new website, including hotel pages for their entire portfolio of properties, all the city pages, and hundreds of miscellaneous pages.

The challenge for our writing team was to sustain the client’s editorial brief and brand messaging in a strong and consistent manner throughout this sizeable project.

The Strategy

Assembling the Team

As with all corporate assignments, in order to ensure efficiencies of production and quality of output, our first step was to assemble the dedicated team of writers and editors with the appropriate skills, who would enable us to achieve the successful outcome of the project.

From our large pool of writers, we appointed those who displayed a flare for corporate communication.

Editorial Style and Guidelines

Ensuring that all writers speak as one and in the same voice is one of the most difficult management and editorial challenges. To achieve this, we designed and implemented an extensive training programme for both our writers and our editors to help them understand the client, its core customer profile and its Marcom strategy.

Further to that, we also created a comprehensive Editorial and Style Guide to help everyone write true to form and in the unified voice that was a key factor in achieving the client’s marketing objectives.

Quality Control

As this project involved a huge number of pages, a large writing team and various stages of approval from different stakeholders on the client’s side, defining and maintaining an agreed quality control regime was also a vital part of the process. To this end, we agreed on and adopted a ‘double-edit’ regime, where all work was first vetted by the Project Managers and then put through a second editorial channel.

The Production Line

Logistics are always important to ensure that deadlines are met, and having an efficient production line for such a huge number of pages is critical to success.

The formula we agreed on and adopted was based on a rolling production concept, where a small number of pages is written and edited, then delivered for approval while the next small number of pages is started.

In our experience, clients are usually extremely busy running their business and have very limited time. For this reason, we always need to find and negotiate effective methodologies for approval and sign-off that are more digestible for them. For many of our larger projects we favour the Rolling Operational Methodology, as we tend to find that this ‘drip feed’ approach reduces the sense of overload and ensures more timely feedback from the client – which is crucial for us to keep moving forward at a steady pace.

The Results

Success. We created consistently superb content for Worldhotels and succeeded as planned to deliver on this huge project without missing any of our agreed deadlines along the way.

Furthermore – and this is the part that really mattered for our client – our copy concept proved to be a huge commercial success and was an integral part of the massive increase of 60% in site conversions.

Looking for Superb and Profitable Copy for your Website?

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