Concierge Collection

An Online Copywriting Case Study

How we created a bold copy and content concept to communicate the opulence of The Concierge Collection to entice the most discerning of patrons and inspire clientele to consider one of the featured hotels.

Why we like this Case Study

This case study shows that copy writing does not always have to stick to the textbook. Although presenting the product, highlighting its USPs, and persuading the customer to buy is very important, sometimes a different, more advanced, strategy is required.

The Client

Concierge Collection provides a portfolio of some of the world’s most opulent and exclusive hotels and villas. The accommodation is beyond-luxury, and their discerning clientele rely on unsurpassed levels of service and quality. Simply put: when it comes to hotels, Concierge Collection offers beyond the best.

The Challenge

The challenge was to increase conversion rates for the brand by creating a copy concept that would appeal to their discerning clientele and inspire them to choose a Concierge Collection property for their next trip abroad.

As we had already developed an excellent working relationship with Concierge Collection by running a successful SEO programme for them, it made perfect sense for them to approach us yet again to ask us to rework the website’s copy concept.

And while we have much experience creating effective copy for quality brands, here our challenge was to communicate something that is almost beyond “quality”.

From Dry Facts to Rich Experiences

When it comes to copy and salesmanship in the hotel industry, many property owners rely on a checklist of dry and uninspiring facts to try to impress potential guests.

However, we know that this lacklustre approach does not tend to enthuse readers and certainly does not massage sales figures upwards.

For this reason, we called upon our professional writing team to create a copy and sales concept that would drastically increase the conversion rates by appealing to the brand’s high end and rather discriminating clientele.

In order to position the brand in a way that embodied the lifestyle that their guests were accustomed to at home and expected abroad, we decided to bypass the usual dry facts of the properties and instead focus on the affluent experiences, the exclusive locations and superb accolades such as Michelin starred chefs provided by these superlative properties.

Moreover, as the patrons of the Concierge Collection’s portfolio of properties were more attracted to and interested in the rich and sophisticated experiences than in prices, we took the editorial decision to omit any mention of price in our copy concept.

What we Achieved

By weaving all the above editorial concepts into a concerted copy effort, we were able to position and elevate the brand in a way that helped considerably raise the expectations and augment the appeal of each of their properties to a very select clientele.

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