London Regency Hotel

A Blog Marketing Case Study

How we created the blog persona of Oliver, the well healed concierge of the prestigious Regency hotel, to engage and inspire readers and to position the hotel as Kensington's premier luxury and business hotel.

The Client

The luxurious London Regency Hotel is based in the heart of Kensington and serves discerning business and leisure clientele alike.

For many years, this prestigious hotel has been one of our numerous hotel clients. We were proud to be selected by them to design and build their new site and to set up and manage their Search Marketing campaigns.

And so, when it came to selecting an agency to develop a profitable corporate blog, we were delighted that they came to us yet again.

The Challenge

The hotel industry is changing fast and in today’s marketplace we are faced with a number of important marketing challenges. These include the rise of the online travel agents that dominate sales and rankings, and the need to adapt sales copy towards a much more personalised marketing approach to win new business.

For this reason, the London Regency Hotel approached LeadGeneratorsDigital to help them develop a more personal “face” for their hotel brand, aiming to build strong and lasting relationships with their new guests and increase loyalty with their existing ones.

Finding the Niche

As part of our initial market research for our client’s SEO campaigns, we had already established that positioning the hotel as a prestigious Kensington hotel (as opposed to a luxury London hotel) was a profitable niche. It formed the basis of a strong product differentiator.

So, when it came to developing an effective corporate blog strategy for the London Regency, it made perfect sense to cater to that same Kensington niche.

Enter Oliver

After discussing various options for delivering this message to their readership, we eventually decided to create a fictitious persona. We called him Oliver and gave him the role of hotel concierge at the London Regency.

What makes our Oliver special is that he was not only born and bred in Kensington, but is the quintessential ‘Kensingtonian’ (if such a thing really exists), who loves everything that this wonderful part of London means to him. And he writes such charming blog posts about his meanderings through this delightful borough – from the coffee shops he likes, to his favourite parks and walks, to his almost personal passion for local books and art, and so much more.

What we Achieved

To date, our Oliver has written nearly 120 superb blog posts that make The London Regency shine.

Not only have they been featured on the hotel blog itself, but they are promoted on the main hotel website too.

By working in this way and placing content on both web and blog platforms, we were able to successfully promote this content and position the London Regency as a truly local landmark – a place that represents the heart and soul of Kensington.

Added SEO Benefit

While the primary purpose of this blog was to reposition the hotel in the minds of the customer and to build long term relationships, the corporate blog also helped us achieve a secondary, yet very important marketing objective.

Google loves content, and corporate blogs are a perfect vehicle for creating and publishing it. When this happens as part of an ongoing concerted effort, we tend to find that Google shines on us and gives us vastly improved rankings.

And, true to form, this is exactly what happened with the London Regency: we quickly saw their rankings improve massively in Google.

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