Clair Strong Interior Design

A Blog Marketing Case Study

How we gave Clair Strong a powerful voice and established her as an expert authority in the interior design industry by means of a marketing tool that has proved its worth time and again: the business blog.

The Client

Clair Strong Interior Design is a team of talented interior designers with a wide range of specialties that they bring to residential and commercial projects in the Bath and Bristol area. Combining creative flair with superb project management, this company conceptualises and implements interior designs for a wide ranging portfolio of clients.

The Challenge

Clair Strong approached LeadGeneratorsDigital with a challenge that is perfectly suited for the online environment.

Like many successful business leaders, Claire Strong is passionate about her work and uses her skills and expertise to create stunning interiors for her residential and commercial clients alike.

However, the interior design market is very competitive. In order to stand out, rise above the rest, faign further market share and win more design contracts, it is important to be recognised as an authority and to have a distinguishable voice.

For this reason, Clair approached us with the challenge to create an online solution that would give her additional exposure opportunities to expand her readership base, and position and promote her as the expert interior designer, creative force and thought leader that she is.

Enter the Business Blog

To help Claire Strong with this marketing challenge, we decided to deploy an old friend of ours – a marketing tool that has proved its worth time and again: the business blog.

It is no secret that blogging is still one of the most powerful marketing tools in the online environment. We selected this option for our client as it was the most suitable for achieving their multiple marketing objectives.

Our Thematic Content Approach

Once we had agreed on the blog as the platform of choice, we then harnessed another tried and tested tactic that we have successfully deployed for a number of our clients to date: thematic content.

This content tactic involves mapping out specific content themes or streams, each one covering a certain topic and focussing on achieving a particular marketing communications objective.

Our agreed themes for Claire’s content programme comprised Inspiration & Theory, Colours, Interior Design Trends, Interior Details and Company News and all articles were written to populate one of these themes.

What we Achieved

Within a very short time we built up an impressive library of content for her new business blog. By “speaking” on such a wide range of topics – from creative to cultural to academic to industry trends – we succeeded to present Clair as a wide ranging and knowledgeable industry authority.

Added SEO Benefit

Moreover, in the process of creating a business blog for Clair, we achieved something else that was immensely valuable for her business.

By developing and writing all this fresh content for her business blog, we considerably augmented the total content on her website, first with a large volume of initial content and then, over time, an ongoing drip feed of new content each month. This ongoing expansion of content is very much favoured by Google and establishes Clair’s website as a credible ‘Authority Domain’ in the eyes of the search giant, earning her considerable SEO assets.

And by sensitively key phrase enriching the content that we published, we succeeded to dramatically increase the rankings for her website for strategically important key phrases.

Need a Profitable Blogging Programme for your Brand?

If you are interested in finding out more about how LeadGeneratorsDigital can build and manage a profitable Blogging and Content Marketing programme for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us.