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Why Our Content Marketing Programmes Start with Research

When we set up and implement a content marketing programme for a client, we place huge importance on conducting in-depth research. This is because as a content-led SEO agency, we know that it’s only through engaging storytelling that our clients will succeed in growing their organic traffic and converting their leads into loyal customers.

Without engaging narratives, your leads won’t go on to read more of your blog posts, and you won’t achieve the highly valued “rule of seven”—the theory that states someone needs to see a marketing message a minimum of seven times before they make their buying decision.

So, how does our SEO agency go about researching a marketing programme?

Targeting Your Market

The first step in the design of our content plans is identifying exactly how your potential customers’ interest can be piqued.

Why? Because a story is only engaging if it resonates with your audience. If our client’s customer base is formed largely of retired couples looking for a relaxing getaway, then creating articles geared towards young partygoers seeking thrilling holidays simply won’t cut it, even though both are travel-focused.

So, there are three main issues that all require good research when it comes to this first step:

  • What is the potential customer looking for?
  • What kind of narrative will resonate with them the most strongly?
  • How can we make your content stand out from what the competition is offering?

Detailing Your Demographics

The buyer persona of your customer base will inform the strategy we use in your SEO. Demographics such as age, sex, and income will be key factors in determining the tone and voice we employ in the copy and social posts we create for your company, and knowing your customers’ values and cultural background is absolutely essential to building on your image as a brand.

A good SEO agency recognises that each demographic calls for a different approach, and takes special effort to structure their content plan around that specific demographic’s values.

Interesting Your Customers

We often see that companies who have decided to tackle optimisation in-house rather than with an SEO agency get caught up in communicating the details. Using your platform simply to promote the facts of the industry or to highlight product-related information isn’t enough.

Just because something is helpful, it doesn’t mean it’s interesting—if your style is dry, you’re not going to be capturing your reader’s imagination or attention and you won’t get them thinking. The reality of the modern online marketplace is that if people aren’t drawn in after the first few seconds, they’ll click away.

To cut through the virtual noise and contend with short attention spans, we make sure our programmes are both highly informative and compellingly shareable.

Rising Above Your Competition

Ensuring that our clients stand out from the competition is at the heart of what we do as an SEO agency. We do this by:

  • Researching what content is already being put out by others in your industry, and then going on to craft original posts which add something extra.
  • Prioritising solving problems which are common in your customer base. We’ll highlight the achievements your company has had in the past when resolving issues facing your customers, thereby cementing your company’s reputation for being leaders within your industry.
  • Showing off what you offer in genuinely interesting written pieces that your target market will find relatable and helpful.

Telling Your Story

This is what everything above ultimately relates back to: your company’s message, its beliefs, its services, and its profile, both offline and online. To convert site visitors into recurring leads and loyal customers, we’ll promote an overarching, unified message about what it is you do, and why you do it.

Some of our client’s industries have an obvious story to tell: for example, for those who are marketing green products we would be building a content marketing strategy with an environmental theme. Whatever your cause, communicating the authenticity of your company ethos is key. The most powerful messages are those which customers can see carried through all the content we produce for you, reflecting a genuine commitment to always doing things in the way you believe is best.

At the end of the day, we know that if customers are given a choice of two similar services or products, the price tag can prove less important than the values your business is seen to represent. With careful research, we’ll make sure your message is understood.

These five aspects—from getting to grips with the ins and outs of your target market to exploring the ways we can outdo your competition—form the basis of all the research we do when we launch a new marketing programme. By starting with this in depth research, we can guarantee that our SEO agency will effectively highlight your company’s unique selling points.

Interested? Let’s get started on that discovery process and research journey – get in touch with our team to find out more.


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