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Tips for Helping Your Business Weather Covid-19

Most of our clients have been asking for advice on how their business can weather the storm that is Covid-19. Dealing with such an unprecedented and demanding crisis is certainly tough and will inevitably consume a fair amount of energy. However, there are things your business can be doing to get through the present and get ready for the future.

Thanks to many valuable conversations and much reflection, we’ve been able to put our socially-distanced heads together and compile these top tips for how to cope with these rather testing circumstances. 

Look Past the Lockdown, Think of the Future

It may be hard to stop and think about what the future holds for your trade. With the lockdown being extended, it can easily start to feel like the current situation will go on forever. But the reality is that life and business will return to normal, and you will want to be ready for that day.

So, what can you do to be prepared for that moment? 

Take Advantage of the Extra Time

If business has slowed, remember that this pace won’t last forever—and try to see this as an opportunity for growth. Now really is the perfect chance to finally get started on all that stuff that you’ve wanted to do, but never really had the time for. 

Whether it’s developing new tools, exploiting new sales opportunities, or upgrading your marketing channels, you’ll want your business to be in the best position it can be once the restrictions are lifted. 

Here some ideas of what you might want to focus on:

  • Get learning with online training. It’s the ideal moment to get your staff (and yourself) branching out to expand their skills. There are plenty of online training opportunities out there: from learning new systems and platforms, to management and marketing skills, to destination training. Developing your talent pool now will make for a stronger team once business returns to normal.
  • Revisit your product portfolio. When shopping and travelling patterns do bounce back, you want to be able to relaunch with an even more exciting and profitable portfolio. By diversifying what you have on offer, you’ll make building up hype—and converting leads—even easier upon relaunch.
  • Build or upgrade your website. More now than ever before, your digital marketing efforts are going to prove key to visibility and profitability. It goes without saying that an online presence is absolutely crucial while your physical storefront can’t operate as normal. 

By giving your attention over to these areas now, your chances of future success will be improved dramatically. 

If you’re considering creating a new website, or would like help improving long-term marketing programmes, please do get in touch with us. We’ll make sure to get you ship-shape and properly prepared for after the storm.

Pause PPC and Paid Social

All that being said, you’ve probably noticed that your paid advertising campaigns are garnering less traffic and conversions than usual. This is something most industries are unfortunately struggling with at the moment (unless they are having an unexpected surge in sales due to the unique situation, like gun sales in the US!). 

If this is the case for your company, it’s probably be best to put your PPC and Paid Social on pause for the time being and put those resources elsewhere.

Continue Working on SEO

While pay-per-click campaigns may not be a great use of resources right now, there is a strong case for continuing your SEO efforts. This is because while PPC usually offers a one-off short burst of traffic, SEO is a slow burn

It takes time to climb the rankings and get your website showcased in the search engine results pages. The organic traffic your business needs to thrive won’t come out of the blue. It’s an ongoing competition, and if you don’t invest in getting to the top of Google during this period you’ll miss out on profit down the line. 

Again, it’s important to keep an eye toward the future during these unprecedented—but temporary—times.  

If you would like advice on how to achieve your long-term SEO objectives, just let us know. We’ll be happy to talk it through and find out how we can help.

Reap the Benefits of Remote Work 

This is also a great opportunity to test out which of your operations can be converted to remote work. LeadGeneratorsDigital started switching to a more remote business model around seven years ago. We certainly made some mistakes along the way, but having gone through that transition period we now have an extremely efficient remote team producing even higher quality work than before.

Why? Well, the costs of remote working aren’t necessarily any lower, but there are a certainly lot of other benefits to working from home. No commute, more me-time, more family-time, and the ability to simply sit out in the garden during your breaks or after the work day ends really all go a long way to improving mood. 

Stepping back and spending more time with yourself will also help you gain a fresh perspective and discover ways to create a more efficient business model going forward. That’s certainly been our experience so far.

And it makes sense. After all, a workforce with less burdens on their time is a happier workforce, and will likely produce better quality work as a result.

So, to summarise:

  • Start thinking about the future now and use the extra hours to develop your site, product portfolio, and talent pool.
  • Pause paid advertising, but make sure to keep up your SEO efforts so you can continue climbing those rankings.
  • Test out which aspects of your operations can be made remote in the future, and enjoy some well-earned me-time. 

If you feel that we could be of any help to you during Covid-19, please do just reach out and we can talk about how best you can take advantage of this downtime. Whether it’s building stronger and more profitable online marketing systems, websites, SEO campaigns, content marketing programmes or more, we’ll make sure to get you ready for after the storm.

As published in Travel Technology Initiative Magazine – April 2020.


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