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Should My Email Marketing Campaign be Mobile Responsive?

To increase conversions and keep improving your bottom line, it's vital that your email marketing campaign is also responsive on mobile devices. Since these days more and more potential customers are using mobiles and tablets to stay connected even while they’re on the move, no business owner can afford to miss out on this market.

“Fully responsive” is a term you’ve probably heard a lot of in the past couple of years in relation to website design. The ability to stay “connected” wherever we go, on an ever-evolving smorgasboard of devices, means that in order for a business to remain relevant and viable it’s vital they maintain the ability to do business across those devices.

With that in mind, a responsive website design is certainly a first step, but there’s another, very important, second issue that my clients have raised on several occasions:

“Should my email marketing campaign include a mobile responsive version?”

The answer is a definitive “yes”. As the saying goes, “You only get one chance to make a first impression”, and it’s been reported that a staggering one in three users will unsubscribe from a list if they encounter difficulties viewing an email on their phones or tablets. That’s risking a lot considering how hard won a subscriber list can be.

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Do Believe the Hype

The importance of ensuring your email marketing campaign is responsive is underpinned by statistics from Adestra, released in March 2015, revealing that 45% of emails are opened on a mobile device. Experian deliver similar results, reporting that 53% of total email openings took place on a mobile phone or tablet in the latter quarter of 2014.

While there is some discrepancy between the two companies’ findings, they’re both pretty reliable sources – and whether it’s 45% or 53%, the bottom line equates to around half of all emails being opened on a mobile device.

Clearly, mobile and tablet usage is a massive growth area, so it’s extremely important to not only make sure your email campaigns are mobile responsive, but also that you’re taking full advantage of these platforms to maximise conversions.


That’s where we come in.

All the email marketing strategies we implement for our clients are created fully responsive and ready to go. Rather than simply being scalable (which sees the layout and graphics suffer on a smaller screen), a professionally designed responsive version involves adapting the layout and graphics to fit any sized screen – basically working from the smallest screen up.

Scalable design is certainly easier to code (and is fine for predominantly text based messages), but we don’t do easy – we do what’s best.


Quick and Dirty Tips

Our expert designers have a wealth of experience in creating graphic-centric messages to optimise the usability and conversion properties of a responsive email marketing campaign. Here are their top tips.

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Keep it Simple

Start from the smallest screen up and put yourself in the user’s shoes. People scan an email looking for something interesting to click on. Give them a clear direction and don’t confuse with extraneous bells and whistles.


Stack, Don’t Scale Images

Rather than miniaturise images, allow them to display to their full potential by a lateral thinking design – stacking or transforming horizontal images to vertical, for example.


Hide Headers and Footers

Especially headers! Remember the point about readers scanning? Don’t bore them before they get to the good stuff.


Strip Down the Content

Put your most important messages or offers first – in case the user doesn’t get any further down the page. You don’t have to show everything – adapt the content and amount of offers for mobile users.


Calls to Action

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. If you’re looking to increase conversions, make your calls to actions clear, concise and in proximity to relevant content.


Thinking of Upgrading your Email Marketing Strategy? 

 At LeadGeneratorsDigital, all our email campaigns are created fully responsive, with a view to maximising conversions for our clients and giving them the very best ROI. If you’d like to discuss comprehensive, results driven email marketing strategy with the LeadGeneratorsDigital team that includes responsive design, give us a call or drop us an email.


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