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Remarketing – Your PPC Follow Up Call

Remarketing is a great tool for targeting potential customers who have encountered your brand’s website. Your advert can ‘follow’ them as they browse other sites so that you have an impact on their consciousness long after they’ve left your site.
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Do you Really Own your Website? (Pt1 – Your Domain)

In this series of two articles, I will walk through and address some of the most common website ownership issues that I encounter (far too often) with my clients in the hope that businesses can take ownership back and be able to control the destiny of their own websites.

The Business Case for a Business Blog

Many of my clients have asked if a business blog is a worthwhile investment and do they need to have one these days, when social media seems to be taking centre stage. My answer is still a resounding yes, and here I make the case for the fundamental role a business blog can play in supporting your online sales.

Does Anyone Like Me?

A while ago, one of our clients asked me how much Likes on Facebook matter. This is a bit of conundrum which attracts all sorts of conflicting opinions. Does the act of clicking on a little thumbs-up icon translate to brand endorsement by the consumer?
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