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Should My Email Marketing Campaign be Mobile Responsive?

To increase conversions and keep improving your bottom line, it's vital that your email marketing campaign is also responsive on mobile devices. Since these days more and more potential customers are using mobiles and tablets to stay connected even while they’re on the move, no business owner can afford to miss out on this market.
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When to use PPC to Augment SEO

While one should never see PPC as a substitute for SEO, a paid search campaign can certainly augment your organic search efforts. Ultimately, it’s your call how much you want to pay for traffic, but I'd like to highlight some aspects of PPC that you may not have considered.
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SSL: The Key to Secure Online Transactions

When you are looking at ways to improve the conversion rate of the traffic to your website, you should not overlook the power of the SSL Certificate as a means to make visitors feel confident about leaving their details online with you.

The New Sales Challenges of Responsive Sites

Understanding the online marketing challenges that are unique to selling your products or services on a responsive site is something that we deal with regularly with our clients. This article examines the two conceptual shifts that must be made to generate a successful responsive design for your site.

Meta Tags – Superstars of SEO and Traffic

Meta tags are what Google looks at to determine what each page of your site is about. It's like a quick, very judgmental glance, if you like, and we all know the importance of making a good first impression. Don’t cut corners by letting your developer auto-generate them.

Common Tactics to Improve PPC Performance

PPC campaigns are ever evolving programmes of experimentation and creative strategising. However, there are some basic tactics that should always be deployed first when you are searching for ways to improve your PPC performance.
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The Anatomy of an Effective Landing Page

Most design and development agencies ignore the obvious and crucial preliminary stage before the design process. We have this conversation with our clients before the start of any project and so I have put together some of the issues that should be considered.

Your Blog’s Place in the ‘Content Mountain’

Today, no business can expect to thrive in the online market without a solid and ever-growing Content Mountain on their website. In this post, I explore the role of the business blog in achieving the critical mass of content that makes a website pull its weight in sales.