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The Anatomy of an Effective Landing Page

Most design and development agencies ignore the obvious and crucial preliminary stage before the design process. We have this conversation with our clients before the start of any project and so I have put together some of the issues that should be considered.

Your Blog’s Place in the ‘Content Mountain’

Today, no business can expect to thrive in the online market without a solid and ever-growing Content Mountain on their website. In this post, I explore the role of the business blog in achieving the critical mass of content that makes a website pull its weight in sales.

Multiple Touchpoint Theory for Social Media Success

Consider social media platforms as alternative pools to fish for customers. Show your products and services, not your fluffy cats (unless you sell fluffy cats), and you could finally find that elusive ROI that everyone seeks from social media. It’s the optimum application of the multiple touchpoint theory.
Social Media

Disavowing Links: Should You Be Backflipping on Backlinking?

There are few SEO experts out there who would recommend disavowing or abandoning your backlinks programme. This article outlines how a mass hysteria movement to disavow is damaging ranking results for websites that have benefited from long term and diverse link building campaigns.

Remarketing – Your PPC Follow Up Call

Remarketing is a great tool for targeting potential customers who have encountered your brand’s website. Your advert can ‘follow’ them as they browse other sites so that you have an impact on their consciousness long after they’ve left your site.
Pay per Click

Do you Really Own your Website? (Pt1 – Your Domain)

In this series of two articles, I will walk through and address some of the most common website ownership issues that I encounter (far too often) with my clients in the hope that businesses can take ownership back and be able to control the destiny of their own websites.