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Our Top Five SEO Tips for Local Businesses in 2020

Here at LeadGeneratorsDigital, we work with all kinds of businesses and we appreciate how hard it is for local enterprises to find affordable ways to grow. We offer a range of affordable SEO packages and have many satisfied clients who have never looked back.


Yes, ‘word of mouth’ is a very effective and inexpensive way of growing a local business, but no-one can deny that in today’s world when people rely more and more on Google to look for the services they want, the effectiveness of quality SEO can’t be ignored. If you are savvy with the way that you spend your marketing budget and take advice on creating an effective link building strategy, you can take your business to the next level in no time at all.



Our Top Tips for Generating an Effective Link Building Strategy

Link building is one of the many tools we incorporate into an SEO strategy for our clients. It can take time to find high quality publications where you can harvest backlinks, but we have the hard evidence that the effort put in definitely pays off; results very soon start to become evident.

1: Go for Quality

You wouldn’t go to the shop and buy something of poor quality that looks like it might fall apart in a few days, so why waste time and money on building poor quality links? This tip might seem obvious but, if you are looking primarily for local business then you should be sourcing local publications and those that have some relevance to your industry. Get your articles published in these places, and the backlink that you include in your content will boost your website’s domain authority and make it rank more highly in local search results.

2: Two: Monitor Your Link Opportunities

Growing your online business also means that your opportunities for more growth increase. We always recommend that our clients keep a list of target sites and re-visit their list regularly. It might seem time consuming but by doing these searches yourself your SEO stays affordable, which is what you want.

3: Get Listed

This one takes a bit of leg work but we believe it is time well spent when it comes to affordable SEO. Contact local online directories and get them to list your website on their site. You need to pick directories relevant to your industry and area, of course, but this is really easy to do and the links you create are definitely going to be quality ones; take it from the experts!

4: Guest Blog Regularly

Blog pages may at first glance seem a little superfluous, but why then do most websites have one? Quite simply it is because they have a purpose and are effective as platforms for link building. Many blogs are written by guest bloggers so it can pay off to offer your writing services to a website owner, write a few blogs and link them back to your business. Our team thinks this is a really effective way to drive traffic to a website and raise the profile of a business.

5: Produce Quality Content

Blogging isn’t for everyone, we appreciate that, but if you can write a piece of quality content that is relevant to your industry, then we can guarantee that this will help your link building. The site owner whom you are writing for (which of course should not be a direct competitor), will no doubt be happy that they have quality content for their blog. You get the opportunity to pop in that link to your website. And readers will hopefully enjoy your informative article and be compelled to click on your link. Everyone is a winner!

So, our advice to you is that no matter how small your business, if you want it to grow in the online market, you need an affordable SEO strategy. In fact, I would go as far as saying it is a necessity. Make your site more visible and more accessible to more people and your business will boom! The biggest and most important part of affordable SEO is link building. The time, money and effort invested in this activity will make a disproportionately big impact on driving traffic to your website.

Our knowledge and effective way of working can accommodate every budget, so get in touch with the team and let us help get that affordable SEO strategy working for you.


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