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Multiple Touchpoint Theory for Social Media Success

Consider social media platforms as alternative pools to fish for customers. Show your products and services, not your fluffy cats (unless you sell fluffy cats), and you could finally find that elusive ROI that everyone seeks from social media. It’s the optimum application of the multiple touchpoint theory.


“What is your business Facebook?”

On a trip to Jerusalem many years ago, I was asked this rather strange sounding question and it opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me and my clients.

You see, in our traditional model of online marketing, we were brought up with the view that websites were the primary vehicle of salesmanship for our businesses.

And then, at some point, social media came along, but for many this was considered at first as a frivolous extra to the serious business of websites and SEO and PPC. Then it evolved into an important way of softening the sell and humanising the face of the brand by showing pictures of the fluffy cats and the babies that we love.

But when I was telling this person enthusiastically about my agency in London and he nonchalantly asked me “What is your Facebook?”, it caught me off guard. And then it made me realise that, for many people around the world, Facebook is synonymous with website. They, and probably millions of others, wonder why they would bother to open a browser and wait for a website to download, when they already have their Facebook app open and active and can quickly and easily look at my company’s Facebook page instead?

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Facebook: Your Second Website?

And then it made me think that, for all these people, we should make sure that we don’t show fluffy cats, because we don’t sell fluffy cats.

Maybe for them we could show product.

And, for them, we should show benefits.

And, for them, we should show image galleries.

And, for them, we should show testimonials and reviews.

And, for them, we should give prices.

And, for them, we should have lots of ways of contacting us.

In fact, for them, we should make Facebook our second website.

And what about Twitter and Other Social Platforms?

And then the penny dropped.

There might be a lot of traffic everywhere but not everyone is everywhere.

So, for example, some people like to use Google search and Facebook… and for them we need to ensure that our products and services and USPs and all the important messaging from our website are visible on those platforms.

For others, who prefer to hang out on Twitter and Google+, we need to be visible and showcase our products and services there.

For others, who primarily hang out on Pinterest, we should ensure exposure of our services and products there.

And, on each of those platforms, whatever social content we choose to use, we should be carefully and strategically mixing it with content that includes our products and services, benefits, USPs, recommendations, etc. In essence, we should be seeing each of them as a more social version of a company website.

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That way, we can ensure multiple exposure opportunities across multiple platforms and be visible to multiple niches of readers. Or, in short: that way, we can deploy the multiple touchpoint theory to our social media strategy and content programming for maximum exposure of our products and services.

And this is what we have been doing for our customers for many years already, with very good results. If you are interested in finding out more about this strategic approach to social media and how this can benefit your brand, why not get in touch for a chat.

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