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How a Content Marketing Agency Can Help Your Business

Content marketing - another bit of jargon or a useful strategy that can have a hugely positive effect on promoting your website? Definitely the latter - take it from the experts. We deal with this every day and have great faith in this digital marketing strategy that effectively creates and promotes online content.
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While content marketing can appear in many guises, i.e. blogs, infographics, videos and link building articles, every bit of content produced is done so with the sole aim of driving traffic to a website. If your website is robust and you have a strong brand, you will begin to expand your customer base as a result.

We understand that this side of a business can be a daunting one to tackle, which is why outsourcing to a content marketing agency, such as ours, is a good investment. If you want to go it alone, here are some suggestions for what you need to do.


Blog, blog and blog some more. Blog posts are a great tool for any business going down the online marketing line. Here are a couple of tips to bear in mind when you are blogging:

  • Choose topics that will be of interest to your customers.
  • Enrich the text with key phrases (when these are then typed into search engines like Google your site begins to creep up the results page and therefore the chance of traffic directed to your landing page increases). The blog post itself can even rank for the phrase.
  • Blog regularly to maintain your position in the search engine results pages.
  • Hire some help. As a content marketing agency we are familiar with all the best ways to make blogs work for your business.

Original Visuals

We find that people are very often struck by visuals and are more likely to engage if something is provided in an original visual format. Text is all very well but videos and pictures are easier to absorb and can be more captivating. When producing written text, adding pictures can make it much more appealing to the reader.

Videos are a great way of upping the personal feel of your website. Our content marketing agency uses this strategy often to help businesses highlight their company culture and drive traffic to their websites. You can invest in how-to videos, product demos, FAQs or testimonial graphics, for example, and your business will begin to reach out to more and more people.

Gated Offers

This is a strategy you will see used more and more. Examples of gated offers are free eBooks, how-to guides and industry reports. They are created to increase the chances of someone who reaches your site becoming a regular.

Put simply, anyone with an interest in the special little extras that you are providing has to fill in a form to gain access. You then get access to their contact details. You send them the materials they want but you grow your mailing list in the process. It is a win win.

Social Media

And this is the big one – social media. The key here is to use it to your advantage and share, share, share. By expanding your presence you are increasing the potential to drive more traffic to your website.

Our content marketing agency has a couple of social media gurus who always insist that a ‘call to action’ is integrated into every social media post. It has the aim of keeping your website only one click away from the person reading the post. If you make your post interesting and relevant to your products, the reader will want to make that click and will soon be discovering all you have to offer.

Other social media tips include:

  • Don’t just focus on your products in the posts you write. Talk about relevant industry news too.
  • Exchange posts with business partners to boost traffic, and share from blogs that are relevant to the ones you post.

Getting your online marketing off the ground can seem like a huge undertaking especially if you are not familiar with the tools and jargon, but hopefully you can see that having an effective strategy in place is paramount. People want to find you, they want to be able to ask questions and have a service provider they can rely on. Once they find your website, you are more likely to retain them, get more hits and move up the rankings in the major search engines.
Still feel overwhelmed? Then get a content marketing agency to help. We are on hand to take the strain so you can concentrate on the business aspects you are more comfortable with.

How does content marketing work?

A structured and coherent content marketing strategy ensures that every single piece of content produced by your company serves the sole purpose of driving traffic to your website.

What is content?

Anything that your brand produces for consumption by a reader or a viewer is content: infographics, blog posts, social media posts, white papers, press releases, videos.

What are content marketing tools?

Once you’ve decided on a strategy there are many, many tools out there to help you implement it. Whether you need a content management system, enhanced grammar and spelling help, form builders, chatbots or automated promotion there will be a range of solutions to choose from.


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