Our SEO agency prioritises researching the terms your audience is using. Why? Because analysing search intent means you’ll rank higher and get more conversions.

Make and Save Money with Long Tail Key Phrases

Keyword research is the cornerstone of any off-site or onsite SEO work, content marketing programme, website copy commission or PPC campaign that we undertake. Something we always preach is that, while we might think that using high search volume keywords is the best way to make a site more visible, the results often tell a different story. An affordable SEO strategy requires a bit of thinking outside the box.
Keyword Strategy

Mobile-First Indexing: Should You Be Worried?

Way back in November 2016 Google first announced that it had begun experimenting with mobile-first indexing. Its reasoning was pretty sensible: if the majority of people are using the Google search engine on their smartphone or tablet, it makes sense that the web page the algorithm evaluates is the version that they are seeing.

Are Backlinks Still Important for Rankings?

According to Google representatives themselves, backlinks are still a really, really big win in terms of quality for search results. The search giant's recent updates are just encouraging a movement towards more 'natural' links.

Meta Tags – Superstars of SEO and Traffic

Meta tags are what Google looks at to determine what each page of your site is about. It's like a quick, very judgmental glance, if you like, and we all know the importance of making a good first impression. Don’t cut corners by letting your developer auto-generate them.

Disavowing Links: Should You Be Backflipping on Backlinking?

There are few SEO experts out there who would recommend disavowing or abandoning your backlinks programme. This article outlines how a mass hysteria movement to disavow is damaging ranking results for websites that have benefited from long term and diverse link building campaigns.