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Vacancy: Junior Editor for Content Marketing Agency

If you want to use your writing skills at work then this is an exciting opportunity to launch your career at a leading digital agency in London. With massive opportunities for developing your role, the position of Junior Editor comes with generous benefits, bonuses and salary progression.

Copy Considerations for B2C Customers

Writing copy to appeal to the B2C environment requires a mixture of softer sell elements than traditional B2B copy. We explore the importance of emotional triggers; storytelling and harnessing impulse to achieve higher conversion rates among your customers.
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Are Backlinks Still Important for Rankings?

According to Google representatives themselves, backlinks are still a really, really big win in terms of quality for search results. The search giant's recent updates are just encouraging a movement towards more 'natural' links.

Considerations for Newsletter Frequency

If you are investing time and energy in trying to ascertain how often and at what time you should send out your company e-shots, then you have missed the point of your email campaign and you’re wasting your money. Focusing on creating content that people want means that you can send out your communications as often as your time and budget permits.
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Barking up the Wrong Tree – 3 Common Web Copy Mistakes

So many potential sales from expensively acquired traffic fall through when the customer arrives on the landing page because the copy has not been conceived or written with the primary objective of converting this coveted traffic into sales and profit. Here are three of the most common examples of missed opportunities that I have repeatedly encountered over the years.

The Inverted Pyramid Theory of Web Copy

Each online landing page you write should start with a headline that grabs the attention both graphically and conceptually. This should be followed by a strong statement to explain your headline and tempt the reader to engage with the details that follow. This is the classic practice of the inverted pyramid theory that has proved a successful formula since long before the web was on the scene.
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