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Make and Save Money with Long Tail Key Phrases

Keyword research is the cornerstone of any off-site or onsite SEO work, content marketing programme, website copy commission or PPC campaign that we undertake. Something we always preach is that, while we might think that using high search volume keywords is the best way to make a site more visible, the results often tell a different story. An affordable SEO strategy requires a bit of thinking outside the box.

While you do have to ‘speculate to accumulate’, spending money on Google Adwords or organic SEO is not cheap and it is becoming more and more obvious that using short broad keywords won’t bring you the lucrative results you want. You’ll have to invest so much into achieving any return on these keywords that it’s simply not an affordable SEO strategy.

We are firm believers in using affordable SEO and PPC practices, and we are always trying to encourage small businesses to do more to make their online marketing work for them. For this reason, I feel compelled to talk about the benefits of targeting long tail key phrases. This tactic is a real winner for smaller scale companies, as not only are the customers who are using this type of phrase more likely to make a purchase, but the browsers who are less likely to buy anyway are eliminated.

So, that is the good news….

…..and thankfully there isn’t really any bad news, although you will have to commit to putting in some work and thought to implement this tactic successfully. Targeting long tail key phrases has to be done with care.

Here are a couple of tips to get you started on this affordable SEO strategy.

Make it Local

When people shop locally for services they tend to search using local terms. They may include a place name, address or a landmark in their search for example. Targeting such key phrases is vital for small businesses as most of these will be completely ignored by bigger national scale corporations.

Think About Intention

What do you do when you start a search online for something you want to buy?

  • You probably use short key words and non-specific phrases. This is because you are often not exactly sure what you are looking for and you rely on these broader searches to give you ideas.
  • As you get suggestions popping up in front of you on screen, you might start to think about the specifics of what you want to buy, for example, the colour, size or material.
  • Then you might put a term, such as ‘discount’, ‘sale’ or ‘best price’ into your search, and this generally means that you are moving closer to making the purchase you want.

While these longer key phrases may have a lower search volume, they are high quality phrases primarily because they are indicating the positive intention of the people using them. This is definitely what local businesses need.

The message here is that the most effective and affordable SEO strategy for small local businesses is to stay away from chasing the high volume expensive keywords. These aren’t as effective as you might think, so, if you’re a small or local business, targeting long tail key phrases is a much better way of getting those results you need.


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