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Site Conversion Strategy: Salesmanship First – A New & More Profitable Approach to Website Build

Salesmanship First websites are so effective because they are expertly created to speak like your best salesperson, to sell like your best salesperson and to convert readers to customers like your best salesperson.

Over the past few of years I’ve been developing, implementing and mastering a new methodology to building websites for my international, national and local clients.

And I must say that I am extremely happy with the results. Both traffic and sales have skyrocketed!

In a nutshell, instead of starting with the graphic and technical spec (which is how most websites are conceived and planned) and then site copy added at the end (almost as an afterthought), the approach I have been developing and working on begins with studying and understanding how my clients’ best salespeople sell, convert and succeed.

I know it is a very upside down or back to front approach but the results certainly more than speak for themselves.

The Most Common Way to Build a Website

If you’ve ever been involved in, or responsible for the planning and building of a website you will recognise the process that I am about to outline.

Most web agencies tend to work in a rather templated manner and put their wrong foot forwards first.

They would generally start work creating a state of the art technical spec for your site comprising all the latest and smartest technological innovations. Once accepted they would then create cutting edge graphics for your site using your brand’s colours and focusing on the latest design trends in the web industry.

And then, when it was all developed and functioning, they would then hand it over to you so that you can add whatever texts and images you wish to the site.

My New, Different and much more Profitable Approach to Building a Website

Yes, I do things very differently. Some say that I work backwards or upside down.

We start our journey for you in a very different place. We begin by talking to your best salespeople and spending time learning and understanding what they say and what they do that helps them succeed for you.

We then analyse what we have learned and use it to write up hard hitting and effective sales copy for your website. By working this way we do something very powerful. We get your website to speak like your best salesperson, act like your best salesperson, sell like your best salesperson and succeed like your best salesperson.

Only once we have perfected the salesmanship for your website, only then will our design & UX experts be briefed to use their skill and experience to communicate that salesmanship graphically and in a way that is super easy for the reader to see and absorb with just a quick skim.

And only once we have applied this rigorous sales-led process to all the main templates of your new website, do we then deploy our developers to build a site to house that graphically communicated salesmanship.

The secret to this approach is to ensure that both graphics and development are subservient to the salesmanship and have no other role than to serve the sales strategy, tactics and process used by your best salespeople.

But does it work?

The simple answer is YES, like a treat!

I am extremely proud of the results that my new approach has achieved for some of the leading brands I have worked for.

So, for example, for WorldHotels, a collection of over 500 luxury hotels across the globe and one of the major online hotel groups in the world, our Salesmanship First approach improved online sales by 63%!

For the School Travel Company, one of the UK’s leading brands in the educational tours market, our Salesmanship First approach uncovered and exploited something so amazing that it generated a whopping 240% increase in online conversions.

For leading consumer travel insurance brand, InsureMore, our Salesmanship First approach improved online sales by 110%.

And for the prestigious London Regency Hotel, our Salesmanship First approach generated just over 50% increase in online sales.

It is clearly a methodology that works and that significantly boosts sales for our clients and I look forward to improving our techniques even further over time.

Are you looking to boost the profitability of your existing site?

If you like the sound of significantly improving the effectiveness and profitability of your website feel free to get in touch with me on I look forward to helping you get the most out of your website.


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