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7 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Next Website

LeadGeneratorsDigital is proud to be among the charge of web developers turning the game on its head with WordPress and putting our clients back in control of their own websites and their own business destinies.

The days of being held to ransom by expensive web developers are over. At LeadGeneratorsDigital, we’re amongst the many progressive web design teams building innovative, intelligent, powerful and incredibly quick-to-market WordPress websites. Here we share just seven of the many good reasons why we recommend WordPress to our clients.

The process of building a website has, traditionally, been enough to send a shiver down the spine of any Marketing Manager or business owner – it’s perceived as being complicated, expensive and fraught with difficulties. And, in the past, this has indeed been the case, with website projects often stalling for months and even years.

I’ve seen so many business owners’ entire operations languish at the mercy of developers building sites using “complex” development platforms such as Joomla, Magento, Drupal, etc. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

As Experienced Web Designers and Developers, at LeadGeneratorsDigital We Favour WordPress.

Without exception, our clients have reaped the rewards of being able to achieve a professional website with powerful functionality, impressive flexibility and the ability to get to market in an incredibly short time.

The industry trend towards WordPress has been rapid and decisive and, for my money, it’s not hard to understand why.

It’s quick and easy, powerful and flexible, it keeps your development costs very low and allows you to expand and adapt your site organically as your business grows.

Based on our recent successes we have compiled a list of seven compelling reasons why we love WordPress and why we are increasingly recommending it to our clients.

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WordPress is Quick, Easy and Robust

Our clients are always thrilled (and more than a little surprised) with just how quickly we can get a beautiful and professional WordPress website up and running. Even with its robust and solid functionalities, from inception to completion we can create a large corporate site in a matter of a month or two, as opposed to several months or even years.

It Puts You in Full Control of Your Website

The trend towards WordPress means that there is now a huge pool of skilled developers trained in the platform, while other, more complex systems are seeing fewer and fewer developers who can code and build.

This means that while development costs for other systems keep increasing, WordPress developers are coming down in price.


Some of the world’s leading brands and many of our clients today boast superb and robust websites that are designed & powered by WordPress

This is good news for website owners, as it means that WordPress allows for more choice and more freedom to walk away from a slovenly or expensive developer that you are not 100% happy with. Instead, you’ll be able to find a good, low cost replacement quickly and easily – which puts you in full control and back in the driver’s seat of your website, while also reducing costs.

Dynamic Functionality

WordPress affords you a veritable and seemingly endless smorgasbord of functionality options with ready made plugins that allow you to achieve even the most ambitious business visions. Instead of upgrade requests being complex and taking days or weeks to deliver, our clients who are using WordPress are usually delighted how little time we need to implement so many of their upgrade requests. And that means that we can usually deliver on these requests the same day or the next.

Easy Editing

The biggest complaint we have heard from our clients with non-WordPress sites over the years is how difficult, complex and time consuming their old Content Management System is. It seems that most CMSs are built by technies, for technies – and we humans are somehow a necessary irritant. This makes even the simplest editing job a time consuming nightmare and many of our clients complain that they are spending all their time trying to understand their website, rather than improving it.

In contrast, the WordPress CMS is a breath of fresh air that is far more intuitive, very user-friendly and much easier to learn.

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You can tell that WordPress was designed by humans, for humans, and I love hearing from my clients how much easier their lives have become with their new WordPress websites. All of a sudden, working on their sites becomes a pleasure and they can put more of their time and energy in being creative, rather than frustrated.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

Being passionate about SEO, we just love how search engine friendly WordPress is by default. It allows for the quick and easy implementation of SEO opportunities that seem almost impossible to implement on other website platforms. And as we run Search Engine Optimisation programmes for many of our clients, that makes it so much quicker and easier for us to get them ranked well in Google.

Google Loves Your WordPress Site

Everyone’s out to impress Google and WordPress seems to have caught the eye of the search giant.

Conspiracy theories aside, it seems that Google has a bit of a love affair with WordPress. We have noticed for a long time already that it is so much easier to get great rankings with WordPress sites. This is important; as it helps our clients achieve much bigger and broader marketing and sales objectives with much lower budgets.

WordPress Offers Responsive Web Design

WordPress is nothing if not flexible and its responsive capabilities mean your website will look and function just as well on a mobile phone or tablet as on a desktop computer or laptop. You can rest assured to have a fully responsive website from the get-go.




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