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Should Product Always Appear at the Top of the Page?

It might seem obvious to put your product at the top of the page as a strategy to ensure the best conversion rates. After all, it’s pretty standard practice and works extremely well for some businesses. But at LeadGeneratorsDigital we know that turning traffic into sales or enquiries isn’t a one size fits all equation.

Here’s why the answer to the question, “should my product always be at the top of the page?”, is not always yes. Warning: may contain surprises!

Quick Tips for Getting your Pages Found & Indexed by Search Engines

Investing in well-researched, high-quality long-form content is essential to get your pages ranked, to generate more traffic to, in turn, convert into sales or enquiries. But all that work will be for nothing if Google can’t find those pages.

Here’s a jargon-free explanation of my go-to ways of overcoming technical blocks and getting our client’s pages indexed in Google as quickly as possible.

What Are the 3 Most Important On Page SEO Factors in Google for 2022?

In essence, SEO is all about getting more exposure in search engines for the right key phrases. This results in more clicks into your site. If this traffic is then sent to a highly relevant page on your site, with relevant content, good salesmanship and appropriate calls-to-action, then you should expect your SEO efforts to generate a larger number of high quality leads for your business.