“I want to choose from a selection of affordable SEO packages to find the perfect solution for my business.”

Whether you’re looking for a consultancy session to assess your website’s sales potential or an ongoing digital marketing programme, our affordable SEO packages are the perfect starting point. Whatever your budget or the size of your business, we have the digital solutions to help you outperform your competitors online and see profits soar.


to assess the current performance of your site

keyword research

to identify sales oppportunities

strategic planning

to maximise your online opportunities

onsite optimisation

to identify sales oppportunities

link building

to support your SEO priorities and improve their ranking

google adwords

to augment your organic traffic

blog posts

to drive potential customers to your website


to engage readers

social media posts

to promote your content

monthly report

to track all campaigns and give actionable insights

Why Choose Our SEO Packages?

Many people think that SEO is a technical issue that can be manipulated with code by developers. In our 20 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, we have found this to be a very narrow, unsustainable and often dangerous way of trying to improve rankings.

In order to achieve and, more importantly, to maintain top page rankings in Google for the long term, what you really need is a carefully crafted blend of activities that integrate both code and structural issues together with a strong element of focused and sales-driven onsite content, as well as content-driven offsite link building activities.

The secret to achieving meaningful SEO success lies in a much more holistic approach that combines all three of these pivotal elements into one powerful and profitable programme.

Website Audit

All of the options we provide start with a technical SEO analysis of your existing landing pages as standard. This important technical work allows us to establish a strong and stable foundation on which we can build a profitable content driven SEO campaign going forwards.

Our affordable SEO packages include a comprehensive review of important areas including visibility issues (page errors, redirects, robots.txt restrictions), meta issues (short/missing duplicate titles & descriptions), content issues (low word count, duplicant content, keyword stuffing, link stuffing) and link issues (broken links, missing anchor texts).

In addition to the landing page analysis above, our Silver and Gold Packages also include a full audit of your entire website prior to any onsite or offsite optimisation. This will allow us to identify any problem areas and compare the page speed, backlink profile and salesmanship value of your site with your competitors.

We will create a full report outlining our analysis and offer actionable advice on how to improve the UX, SEO and salesmanship of your website.

Baseline ranking and traffic report
Visibility issues
Meta issues
Content issues
Link issues
Sitemap analysis
Schema analysis
Responsiveness analysis
Page speed analysis
UX analysis
Backlink audit
Competitor research
SEO Strategy and Planning

We believe that key phrase research is the vital first step of any paid, organic or content marketing campaign, as it provides a firm base from which all other important decisions should be made.

We divide our key phrase research into distinct types, using each one to achieve different types of online objectives: transactional phrases for SEO and PPC, and informational and conversational phrases for content marketing – find out more here. Once we have identified a range of new sales opportunities we will meet with you to suggest and discuss which phrases offer the best Return on Investment based on their monthly search volume, competitiveness and value to you as a business. Armed with this, we will then be in a very strong position to map out a profitable strategy to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Detailed key phrase research
Key phrase selection for organic search phrases
Key phrase selection for paid search phrases
Key phrase selection for content marketing phrases
Landing page mapping
On Page Optimisation

As well as implementing site-wide technical optimisation techniques such as an updating sitemap and robot texts, we take a safe, white hat approach to optimising your chosen landing pages. We will sensitively refresh, expand and key phrase enrich the meta data and onsite copy on all of your chosen landing pages, in accordance with Google’s Penguin and Hummingbird Updates and up-to-date SEO best practice.

This is where our skill as a content-driven SEO agency really makes us stand out from the crowd. Our onsite copy is not just optimised for Google – it also features hard-hitting salesmanship and battle-tested site conversion techniques to convert more readers into more customers. By working in such a focussed and strategic manner, when you achieve your top rankings in search engines you will be very well equipped to convert that traffic much more effectively into enquiries, bookings, sales and more.

Robots.txt creation/optimisation
Sitemap creation/optimisation
Meta title and description tags optimisation
Key phrase enhanced copy
Image optimisation
Link Building for Organic Search

Even though good ranking improvements can be achieved from our key phrase enriched content optimisation programmes described above, search engines place tremendous value on how your peers rate your site (aka, inbound links to your site). For this reason, we strongly recommnend a dedicated link building effort to generate inbound links from other websites. This has become so important in order to keep your pages climbing the rankings on an ongoing basis that we incorporate it as standard into all our affordable SEO packages.

The foundation of a solid and sustainable links development programme is content marketing. All of our links development programmes are underpinned by superb content, which is then carefully distributed in different formats across the internet in order to generate high quality inbound links to your website – find out more.

Link Building for Organic Search
Google Ads for Paid Search

Our Gold Packages include Paid Search management as standard. We are proud to say that our agency has official accredited & experienced Google Partner status, which guarantees that your Google Ads campaigns are always expertly, professionally and effectively managed.

We receive ongoing training to keep abreast of the latest campaign management techniques and bidding strategies. We also have direct access to Google’s in-house campaign experts and strategists to ensure that your campaign is always in the best possible hands and that you get the best results – time after time.

Ad rotation
Google Optimise
Search Query reports
Ad extensions
Match type management
Custom targeting
Day parting / ad scheduling
Negative keywords
Tools Setup

All of our affordable SEO packages come with Google Analytics, Optimise and Search Console integration as standard, as this will provide the backbone of our reporting on your website’s performance.

Google Analytics setup
Google Analytics conversion tracking setup
Google Optimise setup
Google Search Console setup
Bing Search Console setup

We provide comprehensive reporting that can be provided to you monthly or quarterly, depending on your preference. We use respected systems including Advanced Web Ranking, SEMRush, Ahrefs, Pingdom and more to give you the most accurate overview of your website’s standing in the SERPs, both in the UK and in other countries around the world if required.

Keyword Ranking Report
Traffic Report
Paid Search Report
Bi-annual face-to-face meetings

As a boutique agency with a select list of clients, we take pride in our ability to provide personal expert support to each and every one of our clients, no matter the size of their programme. You will have access to a personal account manager who will be on hand to take your calls, emails or to meet you face to face whenever you want to discuss your programme.

Personal account manager
Email support
Phone/Skype support

The Future of SEO

We have been at the forefront of SEO for almost 2 decades, and in recent years we have seen a fundamental and exciting shift from traditional search marketing to a much wider-reaching and profitable content marketing approach.

The aim of an industrial-strength content programme is to get more exposure opportunities for more pages of your brand on more platforms across the internet to generate more traffic and better conversions. The majority of our SEO programmes morph naturally into content marketing programmes over time, although our most successful clients invest in content from the very beginning to take advantage of more exposure opportunities than just search engines.

Content marketing is the ideal way to harness the ever-growing selection of informational and conversational key phrases that we are discovering in our key phrase research. Many of our clients are finding that these opportunities are more numerous, less competitive and more successful that the traditional transactional phrases that underpin the old-fashioned SEO practices of the past.

Creating a large volume of digital assets as part of an augmented content marketing programme is an excellent way to cater to Google’s Hummingbird Update and provide multiple exposure opportunities for multiple pieces of useful, inspirational and targeted content for your online readership. The digital assets we choose are carefully tailored to the needs and requirements of your target demographics.

To further augment the power, the reach and the profitabiliy of your SEO efforts, take a look at some of our content marketing add-ons that can be combined with any of the affordable SEO packages above

Corporate Blogging

Long- and medium-form blog posts are key phrase enriched in order to create more opportunities for pages of your site to rank organically for key phrases that are useful to your business. In our Expert Package we offer the chance to add a link building programme specifically directed at these blog posts in order to get them top rankings in search engines alongside your traditional SEO landing pages.


Medium-form blog posts
Long-form blog posts
Extra long-form blog posts
Link building for long-form and extra long-form blog posts

Infographics are a great way to create visual variety and interest on your blog. Because of their graphic nature, they are more likely to be viewed and shared on Social Media and achieve viral spread. We can provide infographics that illustrate your blog post content or standalone infographic series.

We also publish our infographics on a number of visual sharing platforms with excellent SEO credentials. This generates additional backlinks for priority pages of your website and diversifies your site’s link profile.

Social Media

Our social media marketing programmes are designed to engage and excite users on a wide range of social media platforms across the internet. We will analyse your target market and recommend the most appropriate social media strategy and the best mix of social assets to find and engage those customers, whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest.

Our Expert and Advanced Packages give you the option to add paid promotion to boost your social reach.

Snippets to advertise blog posts up to 2 platforms up to 3 platforms up to 4 platforms
Snippets to advertise infographics up to 3 platforms up to 4 platforms
3 posts a week social media marketing programme
5 posts a week social media marketing programme
Paid social media promotion 1 platform up to 2 platforms
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